Standing for Disabled and Poor Children

We are at our heart an organization that seeks to help the disabled and poor children of rural Nepal who simply cannot stand for themselves. In many cases the disabled children need more emotional support and also guidance for making sure that they can go and do things which can make them independent. Shri Jeet Handicap Service Center tries to make sure that these children can see a better tommorrow.

How can you help

A little help can go a long way. We, at Shri Jeet Handicap Service Center, are open and grateful to every little bit of help you can provide.

How we work

We work tirelessly to make sure that children with disability in rural Nepal get a chance at quality life. Shri Jeet Handicap Service Center has been on the mission since 2001.

Our Mission

Disabled children of rural Nepal are at the heart of our organization. Our aim is to enable them to lead a healthy, secure and dignified life.

News & Events

  • Feb 2015

    Shri Jeet Handicap Service Center organized a program where the organization handed out cash of Rs. 1000 and clothes to the disabled children and women of the community. continue »
  • Mar 2013

    Shri Jeet Handicap Service Center appreciates the generous contribution of Trowq Price employees. We also appreciate the support that T Rowe Price Associate has shown us by matching equal contribution. continue »
  • Feb 2013

    Dhan Prasad Shrestha is now in USA trip to work with various agencies so that they can give their used wheelchairs, Roho cushion and more for handicap children. continue »
  • Dec 2012 the main driving force behind the Shri Jeet Handicap Service has made its annual donation. continue »

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Stories Associated With Us

Mamta and Her Struggle

Mamata was diagnosed with polio when she was 12 and had since been unable to make use of the full potential of her legs. Five years back when she came to us, she was using an improvised wheelchair that was too big really; more like a cart. Once she had decided to stay with us, we provided her with a wheelchair. She had never had any education previously. At Shri Jeet Handicap Service Center, she was introduced to letter and words.

Gaurav, 12 – Morang

Gaurav was 7 years old and had legs that had been severed by polio when we encountered him. He couldn’t walk and because his parents couldn’t afford mobile aids, would either be sitting idle at the porch or slugging around, which caused severe bruises and wounds all over his legs . With parents at the farm and a 10 year old sibling off to school, Guarav would be home alone most of the time, with nothing to do but wait and develop an erratic behavior.

Our Welfare Projects

  • Child Development Center

    Research has shown time and again that the first few years of life is when the brain is growing and learning at its most rapid pace
  • Community Awareness and Parent Training

    The social mindset of the people is what keeps families from treating children with disability as humans. For the past 14 years, Shri Jeet Handicap Service
  • Handicap income generation

    It isn’t just enough to provide food, shelter and basic education to the children with disabilities. And it isn’t feasible or correct to let them be dependent