Our Mission

Disabled children of rural Nepal are at the heart of our organization. Our aim is to enable them to lead a healthy, secure and dignified life.

While providing the children with emotional and material assistance is our immediate goal, the long term mission is to make a lasting improvement in the quality of life of the children we work with. Shri Jeet Handicap Service Center is continuously working towards enabling the children to live a healthy, secure and dignified life. We are also unceasingly trying to bring about a change in the discriminatory and hateful attitude against disable children, which is engraved deeply in the mind of rural society of Nepal. The ultimate motive is to create a society where a disabled child can dream of living an independent tomorrow.

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Mamta and Her Struggle

Mamata was diagnosed with polio when she was 12 and had since been unable to make use of the full potential of her legs. Five years back when she came to us, she was using an improvised wheelchair that was too big really; more like a cart. Once she had decided to stay with us, we provided her with a wheelchair. She had never had any education previously. At Shri Jeet Handicap Service Center, she was introduced to letter and words.

Gaurav, 12 – Morang

Gaurav was 7 years old and had legs that had been severed by polio when we encountered him. He couldn’t walk and because his parents couldn’t afford mobile aids, would either be sitting idle at the porch or slugging around, which caused severe bruises and wounds all over his legs . With parents at the farm and a 10 year old sibling off to school, Guarav would be home alone most of the time, with nothing to do but wait and develop an erratic behavior.