Cloths and Money Distribution

February 27, 2015

Shri Jeet Handicap Service Center organized a program where the organization handed out cash of Rs. 1000 and clothes to the disabled children and women of the community. The program that took place in the premises of Shri Jeet Handicap Service Center’s building saw the executive members of the center do the distribution.
On the occasion, the organization also made donation to the Child Development Center that it has been supporting. The donation included clothing and food for the children. President of Shri Jeet Handicap Service Center, Er. Dhan Prasad Shrestha said, “This is something we would like to do every once in a while. Not every disabled member of the community in Morang comes to stay at the center, so this is our effort to help them.” Among the invitees was Mamata Chaudhary who was one of the many that Shri Jeet Handicap Service Center has helped. Mamata no longer lives in the center and is taking tailoring training in her community.

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